Eliminating Gaps In Coverage To Ensure The Continuity Of Your Business.

Benefits Include

  • Certified Construction Managers (CCMs) are eligible for preferred rating status.
  • A combined General Liability and Errors & Omissions (Professional Liability) policy eliminates the hassles of having separate policies and insurance carriers, as well as creating continuity of claims management, eliminating the potential for disagreement between carriers.
  • Subpoena Expense Coverage. Better protects your business in the event you are served with a lawsuit or subpoena. Coverage includes up to a $25,000 limit per policy period even before a formal claim is filed.
  • Disciplinary Proceeding Expense Reimbursement Coverage. Helps take the stress off your business if you, or an employee on your behalf, are required to attend a disciplinary hearing. This coverage can help compensate for actual loss of earnings and resulting out-of-pocket costs.

Certificate Of Insurance


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