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In order for you or your organization to be eligible for a filming permit, Liability Insurance is required. A CERTIFICATE OF INSURANCE must be provided to the Office of Film, Theatre and Broadcasting 48 hours in advance of your online permit application submission. (When submitting your online permit application, be sure the Company Name matches exactly the name of Insured on your insurance certificate.) The CERTIFICATE must include:

  1. The name and address of the insured person or production company.
  2. The Certificate Holder must read as follows:
    The City of New York
    Mayor’s Office of Film, Theatre and Broadcasting
    1697 Broadway, Suite 602
    New York, NY 10019
  3. The Description of Operations on the certificate must read as follows: “The City of New York, including its officials and employees, is additional insured.”
  4. That the policy provides at least One Million Dollars ($1,000,000) [usually listed as 1,000 thousands] in US currency or its equivalent of Comprehensive General Liability for each instance of claim.
  5. The name of the insurance company and of the broker, with the broker’s signature and phone number.
  6. The policy number.
  7. The dates for which the policy is in effect, including both the start and expiration dates.
  8. That the policy may not be modified or canceled without seven days prior written notification to the Office of Film, Theater and Broadcasting.

PDFs of Insurance certificates are accepted via email to insurance@media.nyc.gov ONLY if sent directly by the insurance broker. We are not able to accept insurance certificates submitted by production companies or individuals.

Student Films: Students must obtain a letter from their school, on the school’s letterhead, stating the student’s name, their status as a student (i.e. full-time, in good standing) the date(s) of the shoot and the signature of the appropriate representative from the school. For students whose schools are located outside of New York City, please check with our office to see if your school’s insurance is on file with us.

A certificate of insurance is an official document issued by your insurance broker. The COI is your proof of insurance.
  • We can insure Feature films, television productions, commercial shoots, documentaries, corporate videos and numerous other forms of video and film productions.
  • We can insure major feature films with gross production costs of up $25,000,000.
  • We offer short term policies for commercial shoots, documentaries, low budget films and more.

A production package policy protects against many kinds of losses that can occur during an insured production. Many of the coverages are optional and their applicability depends greatly on the nature of the production.

  • Non Owned and Hired Auto Liability coverage protects you against bodily injury or property damage caused by vehicles rented for use in an insured production.
  • Physical damage coverage for rented vehicles is typically covered by a Production Package Policy.

We can underwrite complex entertainment equipment exposures. If you insure a production company via an annual Production Package policy, that policy may already have a minimal amount of Miscellaneous Rented Equipment coverage. 

  • You need to cover individuals who form corporations to conduct their business as actors and actresses, artists, producers, directors, musicians, authors, athletes or any other person who is in the public limelight or is prominent and visible in the public eye.
  • You need to cover touring entertainers such as musicians, opera singers, operas, symphony orchestras, dance troups, broadway acts, commedians, theatrical stage performances, ballet, baby bands and established musical groups.
  • You need to cover the promoter of any of the classes of entertainers listed above.
We provide background checks and they are an indispensable tool. We want to position your business for success by adding more value to your insurance with affordable background check services. With this program, customers have the ability to handpick the background check packages or individual services that best suit their needs.

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